Dating Thai Girls

Some of the best places to meet Thai girls in Thailand are Phuket, Bangkok, and Chang Mai. These are beautiful places to visit and you're sure to run into interesting women that are either in the business class (office ladies) or University girls.

You may have heard crazy stories about Thailand but don't be too quick to judge. Thai women are some of the most beautiful women in Asia and they can be very shy and conservative when it comes to dating and relationships.

How to Please and Woo a Thai Girl for a Date

Thai girls are considered to be among the most beautiful girls in the world, which is why many people visit Thailand. Some great places include Phuket and of course Bangkok. The Thai girls are quite conservative and love their family. One of the things you should care about while asking a Thai girl out on a date is to keep a careful eye on your appearance. The girls in Thailand like to dress neatly and smartly and expect the same from the men in their social gathering. Since they are shy and soft spoken, the girls get turned off by men who are loud and brash. Polite and well mannered men have more chances of getting the nod for a date with Thai girls.

Dating style of Thai girls

Thai girls rarely take the initiative and pursue men, so it is up to the man to ask politely for a date, if he really likes a girl. You will know that your request for introduction and a date is successful, by the shy smile or shy looks you will keep getting. Please do not be surprised to see her friends coming along for your first date with her. Till she is sure of you, a Thai girl will need some security around her. Once she is happy with you, she is all yours. Do not even think of being intimate with her during the initial period of dating. She will stop seeing you at once. Movie and restaurants are the best places to take her.

How to keep her sweet

Be aware that Thai girls will not have sex during the time she is dating you, as the girls here are very protective about their honor. You have to be serious about her and consider marrying her before she will allow you to touch her intimately. If you just want to have some fun dating her, you will not find a better date than a Thai girl. She will love receiving small gifts which are not costly, from time to time; Chocolate is not a good idea for gifting her, as she is very figure conscious and will advise you also to take care of your health.

How to guess whether she likes you

If you are staying in Thailand and love the place and everything about it, Thai girls will love you, as they are very proud of their country and their culture. Do be sincere, for a Thai girl can sense a fake from far off. Even though they do not talk much, they are instinctively good observers, so they will know if you are sincere or not. Thai girls long for loving men rather than those with a lot of cash to spend. So, if she has called you and is worried about your well being, be assured, you have been successful in getting a date with a beautiful Thai girl.